Photogrammetry Today 

Preserving and Sharing Cultural Heritage

Join us as we learn how Photogrammetry can make our cultural heritage even more valuable

An avocational group interested in all aspects of Photogrammetry as it relates to making otherwise unseen artifacts available


1. Introduction

The Dig: Virtual Curation Laboratory at VCU - YouTube
Public archaeology enhanced by today's technology - YouTube
ArchaeologyIN3- Laser Scanning Artifacts - YouTube
Photogrammetry | Photogrammetry in Archaeology
Aerial and Close-Range Photogrammetric Technology
Cultural Heritage Imaging | Photogrammetry
Printing the Past: 3D Printed Artifact Replicas Aid in Research, Education

2. How To


Agisoft Photoscan (how to use) - Anima Anima
Agisoft Photoscan Pro - basic workflow - YouTube

Dr Heinrich Mallison

Photogrammetry tutorial 3: turntables | dinosaurpalaeo
dinosaurpalaeo | Photography for Photogrammetry paper
Photogrammetry tutorial 12: How to preserve strike and dip or cardinal directions in your 3D model | dinosaurpalaeo
Photogrammetry tutorial 10: an improved method for mid-sized objects | dinosaurpalaeo
Photogrammetry tutorial 9: Quick and dirty! | dinosaurpalaeo
Photogrammetry tutorial 8: scaling “with hindsight” | dinosaurpalaeo
Photogrammetry tutorial 7: multi-chunk project handling | dinosaurpalaeo
A more detailed take on Pinus macro photogrammetry | dinosaurpalaeo
Photogrammetry tutorial 11: How to handle a project in Agisoft Photoscan | dinosaurpalaeo
Giraffatitan in all its 3D digital glory (was Digitizing entire dinosaurs 2 (digiS 2016)) | dinosaurpalaeo
My awesome digiS project: mass digitizing sauropod bones | dinosaurpalaeo
(26) Heinrich Mallison - YouTube - YouTube

Samantha Porter

Creating Artifact Models in Agisoft Photoscan Part 2 - YouTube
Photogrammetry Rig Demonstration: Porter et al. 2016 - YouTube
Creating Artifact Models in Agisoft Photoscan Part 3 - YouTube

James! Classy Dog

PhotoScan Guide Part 2: Turntable Tutorial! - YouTube
PhotoScan Guide Part 2: Turntable Tutorial! - YouTube


How To… Do Photogrammetry for Archaeology (Part 1) | DigVentures

How to Make a 3D Model from any Youtube Video - Photogrammetry - YouTube


Photoscan Portraits Part 1: Capturing with Photoscan on Vimeo
Photoscan Portraits Part 2: Cleaning up a scan in Meshmixer on Vimeo

Capturing Full Body Scans in Color: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

3. Setup

Equipment and


How to make a stop motion camera platform - Jim Doran
Copy Stand - Cheap and easy to build
How to make a multiplane camera stand - Jim Doran
How to Make Flexible LED Panels (DIY Flex Lights!) - YouTube
Pretty Workstation that can handle Agisoft Photoscan - Forums - PCPartPicker
Photographing Artifacts | Castle Museum Archaeology
A Simple Photogrammetry Rig for the Reliable Creation of 3D Artifact Models in the Field <br>Lithic Examples from the Early Upper Paleolithic Sequence of Les Cottés (France)
Arqspin StartStop Interval Photography ARQB12IN110V/INTERVAL B&H
Turntable electronic degree timer stopper

4. Applications

3D Printing Ashley Roberts - YouTube
3D print your girlfriend - Prank - YouTube
3D-Printed Action Figures from DOOB 3D: Your New Favorite Selfie | Mashable - YouTube
Building - Laser scanning - restoration and preservation of the historical monument building - YouTube
Maker Faire | Photogrammetry: Affordable 3D preservation and reproduction of Artifacts

5. Training

Photogrammetry Training: Learning What Makes 3D Photogrammetry So Powerful | Flickr

6. Software

CloudCompare - Open Source project
Product -

7. Other Techniques

Structured-light 3D scan

HP 3D Scan | HP® Official Site


Photography-based Digital Imaging Techniques for Museums
RTI: Guide to Highlight Image Capture
Cultural Heritage Imaging | Help Humanity Save History

Laser Scanning

Creating digital artifacts with 3D laser scanners - YouTube

8. Commercial Providers

Michael Raphael - Charlie Matlin - Harry Abramson - Company Bios from Direct Dimensions, Inc.

9. Legal

Autodesk - Legal Notices & Trademarks -TERMS OF SERVICE FOR AUTODESK® 123D® CIRCUITS
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0

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